Areas of Expertise


We work with your company to drive business initiatives across organizational boundaries to deliver focused results. Our business change management process includes the following steps:

Identify and define the desired business change.

Evaluate financial options and develop recommendations.

Create goals and objectives required to deliver business results.

Examine existing processes and recommend process improvements.

Incorporate quality requirements and standard operating procedures.

Translate business requirements into technical requirements for systems changes.

Manage cross-functional programs and projects required to execute plans and implement changes.


​We can help your organization to prepare for external and/or internal audits by preparing a comprehensive Quality Management Manual that documents only the required Standard Operating Procedures, ensures the capture of sufficient proof of execution, and documents the history of that execution. These procedures will also enhance the communication and efficiency of workflow throughout your organization.


Considering implementing new technologies? We provide business expertise for Enterprise Architecture, Enterprise Data Management, Master Data Management, Data Architecture, Business Intelligence, Program and Project Management. We gather and translate business requirements to technical specifications, giving your company the necessary information to select and implement the appropriate technology.  


​We help your company plan and manage large and small scale projects. We can bring together like projects into organized programs providing team leadership, financial management, and delivery of cross functional and organization-specific projects. 


Your people are your biggest asset. To help them deliver for the business, everyone needs to be working toward the same goals. We can help create a single-minded and focused organization by documenting roles and responsibilities and creating job descriptions to match. We will also help to create a set of objectives, goals, strategies, and measures that will guide and focus your associates in their day to day work with the end goal of delivering your desired business results. 


​Even small process changes can lead to increased efficiency and more effective delivery. We will work with your functional teams to evaluate and change your standard operating procedures and processes to deliver better business results.